On receipt of a Tender Enquiry either in hard copy or accompanied by an Electronic download link.

All Files, Schedules, Drawings, Specifications & any other associated documentation will be downloaded & file managed methodically.

An audit log will be produced, for all incoming drawings, specifications & ongoing documentation for the purpose of chronological record.

All documents & drawings will be collated, assessed & reviewed prior to booking the project/s onto the system.

A Client folder will be created with a master project/s folder. The associated sub-folders will be created onto the system.

All documentation, correspondence & emails will be logged onto a documents received schedule & any further Documents, Addendums/ Revisions received will be added by date order to produce a comprehensive paper trail & chronological sequence of activities.

Should the plotting/ printing of drawings not be available in hard copy then these services are available upon request.

On appraisal of all the necessary documentation required, Scope of Works, Tender Summary, Schedule of Suppliers & Manufacturers, Luminaire & Equipment Schedules, Drawings & Specification/s in line with the Drawings Register/ Document Issue sheets.

Any tender documentation or suppliers anomalies will raise RFI’s. On response, this should give us an indication of additional in- put required in producing the Specific Project estimate.

Although a quote for quote service is not offered, we can, however, offer a similar service under the category of File Management.

Taking Off/ Quantify/ Colour Coding/ Scale/ Spot & Linear Meterage to each specific element:

On completion of the Take Offs: Colour coding, quantifying & calculations which will be logged directly onto the drawing/s.

If required the measurements can be logged onto an Excel spreadsheet by element of works, floor, drawing number & revision allowing for any cross referencing, if any further variations/ addendums present themselves.

Should a Suppliers/ Manufacturers/ Plant schedule not be provided as part of the tender enquiry a Suppliers Schedule will be created after perusing the relevant element of works within the specification document section by section where possible.

The created Procurement/ Suppliers schedule will log contacts, details, email & element of works.

Tender enquiries/ Quotation requests including drawings, specification etc to the specified & nominated suppliers/ manufacturers with the specification document for their element of works.

On return of suppliers’ quotations these will then be crossed referenced & logged for quantities, part numbers & compliance.

Any anomalies will raise RFI’s to the relevant Supplier/ Manufacturer.

To conclude, the Concise Information, Documents Received Log, RFI’s, Colour Coded Spot & Linear Take offs, Quantified Excel Spreadsheets, Suppliers/ Manufacturers Quotations & correspondence will all then be electronically forwarded to your Technical Team to proceed to the next stage in the Tender/ Estimating process The Tender Build Up on your preferred Estimating System.

We can also offer a complete service of Tender Build up on our Estimating System including Value Engineering & ongoing Variations.